Fairest Overall by Marco Lacson


Fairest Overall

It's summer! And though almost everyone's celebrating the hot weather in the beach, it's quite difficult to go around the city in a comfortable outfit. I was not sure if the dungarees trend I saw would actually look good on me. To be fair, the last time I wore such an outfit was when I was about 5! I am worried that I'll look like an over-sized toddler. Turns out, it's not actually too bad. 

I think they are stylish and comfortable. The best thing is, it is very effortless to pair with. Most of the time, I'm running late and it's just the perfect one to go with. Just match it with a crop top and you could strut the streets in style. I can't help myself when I saw these ones in VS Fashions (https://www.vsfashionsstore.com). It is a premium platform for online shopping in the UAE. There are lots of options at very affordable prices.

I have always been so skeptical on ordering something online as I might receive a completely different looking item but the ones from them are exactly as pictured. Also, my item arrived the day after I ordered! 



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